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ACCELR8 is an impact fund investing to accelerate the reduction and sequestration of greenhouse gases. We partner with exceptional founders to take on the most significant, and unmet, challenges to our climate. With our deep backgrounds in fundamental analysis, ACCELR8 seeks to understand the holistic dynamics of each ecosystem, and invest behind technologies that will create reinforcing loops toward exponential change. We believe we can attract significant new capital to climate change investing by proving that high social impact and profits are sustainably achievable outcomes. We reinvest our profits into social impact research, philanthropy and advocacy for a just economic transition. Based in Boston, we also love to support the New England innovation and investment ecosystem.
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We bring together deep backgrounds in science, strategy, and investing. We believe that only by understanding the system dynamics of the areas in which we invest can we effectively assess and support the exponential change required to save our environment. We will invest in and support innovators who can deliver that potential.

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At ACCELR8, we are lifelong learners, looking to engage with the climate scientists, energy policy makers, farmers, consumers, investors and entrepreneurs whom we join in this fight. If you share our sense of urgency and believe investment has a role to play addressing this existential threat, let's talk. Reach out. Work in partnership with us at ACCELR8 to expedite and reinforce positive change for the Earth and all of its dependent communities.
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